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Cladding Repair

Cladding Repair & Painting London, Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester

Our company provides comprehensive cladding repair, cladding paint spraying/refurbishment and replacement service across the United Kingdom and regularly carry out repair contracts across London, Birmingham, Coventry and Leicester. Our prices are extremely competitive in comparison to our competitors and the standard of our workmanship 2nd to none. From fixing and filling metal cladding holes and dents to on site spraying or replacement of the complete panel(s), our company is eager to assist in all situations.

Cladding Panel Repairs, Re spraying, Replacement Services

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Tel: 01908 785052
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In general it is typically more cost effective to repair and re spray a damaged cladding panel than it is to replace of the entire panel itself. By using the experience and professionalism of our staff we are able to restore the cladding panel to its former glory with a seamless spray finish that is undetectable to the surrounding panels once completed.

In cases where a panel has become particularly damaged and is no longer a candidate for repair and refurbishment we are able to provide an optional cladding replacement service which includes installation of the new panel as well as a re-spraying service to ensure the panel matches the surrounding panels and ascetics of the building.

Why it is important to repair cladding panels once they have become damaged?

When a cladding panel become damaged it is important to repair it as quickly as possible because the protective external costing will no longer be able to shield the metal from the weather and is therefore subject to the corrosive nature of the elements. If the panel contains server damage such as holes, rain water is not only able to penetrate the panel and cause corrosion on the inside of the panel itself but it will also trickle down causing damage to the surrounding panels, amplifying the problem and the costs involved to remedying the situation.

The longer a cladding panel is left damaged the more potential for additional damage to the panel and surrounding panels.

We are able to help repair, refurbish, replace and re spray all types of cladding including Kingspan, Euroclad, Plannja, Ward, Paroc, Rannila.

For further information on our cladding repair and replacement services in London, Birmingham and Coventry please contact us.

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