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Cladding Repairs Borehamwood | Cladding Paint Spraying & Restoration

Welcome to Riolett Industrial Coatings Borehamwood. Our company provides complete cladding repairs, restoration and on-site paint refurbishment services in Borehamwood at unbeatable prices and with an extensive 25-year guarantee on all painting work undertaken. We can also be contracted to provide complete cladding panel replacement services of all cladding panel manufacturers including Kingspan, Euroclad, Plannja, Ward, Paroc, and Rannila.

Our quotes are extremely competitive in comparison to our paint spraying competitors in and the standard of our workmanship is flawless. From fixing and filling cladding holes and dents to onsite painting and cladding re-spraying, our company is eager to help in all situations large or small across in Borehamwood.

While it is typically more cost effective to repair and paint re spray a damaged cladding panel than it is to replace of the entire metal panel itself. Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our staff we are able to repair and restore cladding panels to their former glory with a seamless paint spray finish that is undetectable and matched perfectly to the surrounding cladding panels once the work has been completed.

In situations where a cladding panel has become particularly damaged and is no longer viable for repair/refurbishment, we are able to offer our customer an optional cladding replacement service which includes installation of the new panel as well as a guaranteed paint re-spraying service to ensure the panel matches the surrounding panels and ascetics of the building.

If you have any enquiries or would like to know more information about the cladding repair and refurbishment services we provide in Borehamwood contact us for a free quotation or general information and safety sheets.

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