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Cut Edge Corrosion Repair UK/London/Birmingham/Coventry/Leicester

Our company provides specialist cut edge corrosion repair services in London, Birmingham, Leicester, Coventry and across the entire UK.

Premature failure of metal cladding roofing/Exterior walling systems is commonly caused by the cutting of the cladding to fit during installation, and is termed as "Cut Edge Corrosion", leaving the metal edge exposed to the elements for prolonged periods of time results in corrosion/rusting of the metal itself. Delamination of the protective plastisol finish occurs in the form of a 'peel-back', due to the effect of rainwater running down the cladding causing wicking behind the unprotected metal.

Treating Cut Edge Corrosion:-

If the exposed cut edge is not addressed quickly then rusting and corrosion takes hold of the metal sheeting causing even further delamination of the factory finish. Eventually this causes leaks into the building, damage to the interior and very rapid deterioration of the metal cladding resulting in considerable increased maintenance costs, and in some instances complete roof classing replacement.

Using our priming systems we can resolve the issue of cut edge corrosion. The selected primer can be used in isolation or as part of a complete coating system. The treatment of cut edge corrosion begins with a comprehensive clean and a thorough wire brushing of the rust and then the removal of the loose or delaminated finish back to a sound edge.

These areas can then be treated in a number of ways including the examples below.

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