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Fire Protection Paint Coatings UK/London/Birmingham/Coventry/Leicester

Our company provides nationwide specialist fire protective paint coating services in London, Birmingham, Leicester, Coventry and across the entire UK

Intumescent paint is widely used in the commercial and industrial sector, it can be applied on or off site which gives an appearance similar to a paint finish, whilst also producing a low odour making it ideal for use in confined areas. it is designed to expand when exposed to high levels of heat, giving up to 240 minutes of protection this will reduce any immediate impact of fire spreading and heat damage. The increase of temperature causes a chemical reaction; the intumescent paint expands to many times its original thickness which provides insulating foam to protect the substrates.

The requirement for appropriate fire retardant paint coatings on public buildings is an extremely important health and safety concern that has been publicly emphasised by the recent tragedy at the Grenfell Tower Block in London as documented on the news around the world.

At Riolett Industrial coatings we provide a range of fire proof cladding and internal building coatings and paints certified for use on surfaces that are not only required by law to comply with but also a range of projects where these extra safety measures could benefit our clients but a rent necessarily required by law.

The coatings cover a wide range of applications from wood surfaces, structural steel, plaster ceilings, concrete surfaces though to fibre glass materials. These coating have extensively been used in many buildings such as Buckingham palace and Oslo Opera House.

We offer a wide range of top coatings options along with a 20 or 30 year guarantee. This water based coating comes with a 30, 45, 60,120,240 minute protection time which can be applied to universal beams, hollow sections, columns as well as cellular beam designs.


National and International fire regulations state that buildings must have the ability to contain fire within compartment sections for rated times, allowing for the full evacuation of all occupants, the intumescent paint is applied over steel and cast iron using a roller, bush or spray but cannot be applied over rust, no stripping back is necessary before the paint is applied, this comes in a 30, 45, 60,120,240 minute protection coating.


Intumescent paint can be applied over most paints and varnishes, eliminating the need for stripping; it is especially effective in refurbishment projects, often allowing existing architectural features to remain in place. They are Class 0 and 1 Classifications and SBI: B/s1/d0 have been achieved on bamboo, hardwood, softwood, veneer, MDF and melamine boards. They also come in the 30, 45, 60,120,240 minute protection coating

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Fire Protection Paint Spraying Case Study

Riolett UK was contact by a company in Hull who require fire protection paint to be applied to their steel beams; we sent one of our Reps out who advised that they would need a 60 minute fire protection paint to be applied onto 260 Square meters of steel beams.

This job was booked in within 48 hours, Riolett supplied the access along with all materials including the protection paint, our staff sprayed the intumescent paint onto the steel beams as this is how the customer preferred it to be applied however we do offer a number of finishes. The work was completed within 5 working days with the customer 100% happy we also provided him with a 30 year guarantee for the paint applied.

Please take a look at the photos below of the paint being applied before, during and after the application.

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